Sunday, July 18, 2010

Starter Kit

Rather than have a single huge "recommended reading" list we have decided to narrow things down in an effort to be more targeted and helpful to those who use the site.

We have included a page for those who are looking to find books that will help get them started studying a particular topic called "Starter Kit". We list only a few books on each topic that will provide a good foundation to get them started on a serious study of the topic. Please take a look at the list (linked at the top of the main page) and let us know where we went wrong or what we could do to improve the list.


  1. R.C. Sproul's list of the most influential books on his thought and ministry.

    1. The Freedom of the Will, Edwards
    2. The Bondage of the Will, Luther
    3. Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin
    4. God in Modern Philosophy, Collins
    5. A Time for Truth, Simons
    6. Charity and Its Fruits, Edwards
    7. The Person of Christ, Berkhouwer
    8. Gospel Fear, Burroughs
    9. Gospel Worship, Burroughs
    10. Institutes of Elenctic Theology (3 Vol.), Turretin
    11. Principles of Conduct, Murray
    12. A Christian View of Men & Things, Clark
    13. Thales to Dewey, Clark
    14. Here I Stand, Bainton
    15. A Simple Way to Pray, Luther
    16. The Coming of the Kingdom, Ridderbos"

  2. A rather comprehensive list from over at Piper's Desiring God site.