Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giving up Church for Lent?

 A priest at an Episcopal Church decided to give up church for lent this year and instead decided to practice Islam for 40 days. Read the article HERE. Thankfully, even in the rather liberal Episcopal Church, his superiors recognized this as an outright rejection of Christianity and informed him that he must stop or be defrocked. "He can't be both a Christian and a Muslim," said Bishop George Wayne Smith of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. "If he chooses to practice as Muslim, then he would, by default, give up his Christian identity and priesthood in the church." Amazingly this minister did not anticipate any problems with what he was planning to do.

I was planning to write an entire post on this but rather I will just make a few brief comments. Do not even most unbelievers know that the very first commandment is to have no other Gods? Do so called ministers such as this even have the most passing familiarity with what is in the scriptures? Why bother using the name Christian if you have rejected all of its fundamental content? Is this not this kind of display dishonoring to both Christians as well as Muslims?

Let us pray for this minister that the Lord opens his eyes and also for the Bishop who has demonstrated integrity by putting a stop to this nonsense.

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