Saturday, July 30, 2011

UK Eugenic Abortion Statistics Released

Perhaps the best way to evaluate the generally held ethical and moral commitments of any culture is to observe the way that they treat the most dependant and helpless members of the community. This past week we have been given a sobering glimpse into the soul of at least one important segment of Western culture. The statistics related to eugenic abortions in the U.K. were released and the story they tell is sad though perhaps not surprising.

These numbers that show that thousands of children are killed instead of being carried to term and treated for issues such as cleft lip, club foot, or down syndrome are not welcome by those who try to cast the "right" to abortion as an issue of privacy or mother's health. According to the article linked below "Ann Furedi, the head of one of the UK’s most lucrative abortionist groups, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, has called the campaign to release the statistics an example of the “vindictiveness” of pro-life activists." Exactly why such data would be an example of vindictiveness is unknown since what was requested was simply the data resulting from the policies advocated by Furedi and others. Read more detail HERE

On demand abortion is among the greatest moral tragedies of our age and we should be sure that at the very least those who advocate it must openly address the facts regarding the impact of those policies especially as they relate to the most vulnerable members of our society.  

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