Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dr. Carl Trueman on Celebrity, Authority, and Authenticity

Over the past few decades there has been a tremendous increase in the influence of para-church organizations within conservative Christian circles. There are a handful of teachers and preachers who have gained enormous cross denominational followings although they have no direct pastoral relationship to most of those who follow them. Many of these men are unquestionably gifted preachers and teachers and their work has benefitted the church in many ways. Along with those benefits, however, there are certain dangers that come with the growing popularity and influence of celebrity pastors.

One of the leading voices calling the attention of the church (and celebrity pastors) to this issue has been Dr. Carl Trueman. Dr. Trueman is the chair of Church History at Westminster Seminary, a pastor in the OPC, and a blogger at Reformation21. A few days ago I saw the following interview with Dr. Trueman on the Reformed Baptist Blog where he discusses issues related to celebrity, authority, and authenticity within conservative churches today. As usual professor Trueman’s comments are sharp and thought provoking.

If you do not see the embedded video above you can view it by clicking HERE

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