Sunday, December 12, 2010


One of the most amazing pieces of music ever composed is Handel’s Messiah. Any Christian who has a love of music or melody should, at least once in their life, see this performed by accomplished vocalists and musicians. Its beauty as a piece of music is surpassed only by the truth that it boldly proclaims.

The most powerful and beautiful part of the composition is the famous halleluiah chorus. I was blessed recently to see the following video of a flash mob performing the chorus at the Welland Seaway Mall in Ontario. It is an amazing enough composition when heard in the confines of a performance hall when you know it is coming but to see people unexpectedly encountering such beautiful praise of our Savior as they go about their daily lives is just awesome.

The flash mob was organized by Alphabet Photography of Niagara Falls Ontario. Very cool… I hope you are as blessed by this as I was.

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  1. I posted this on my f/b page. I had no idea what a flash mob was until I saw the video. Pretty cool.