Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plymouth Canton: Daggers are ok in School

I am a strong supporter of religious freedom but there are certain things that just do not make sense. Each year we hear about all sorts of complaints regarding Christmas trees, mangers, and graduation prayers and yet this week the Plymouth Canton School District in suburban Detroit decided that it was ok for certain students to carry daggers to school for religious purposes.

Apparently baptized males of the Sikh faith are expected to carry a kirpan which is a small dagger that represents their commitment to fight evil. The district determined that in order to respect their faith that they would be allowed to carry them at school. Read the story HERE.

At the same time we are seeing an increase in openness to various religious expressions we are seeing an increase in hostility toward traditional Christian expressions of faith. At what point does this kind of accommodation become unenforceable? Are our principals going to be expected to verify the sincerity of our students religious commitments? Who decides whose commitments are necessary expressions of a faith that is honestly held and on what basis?

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